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It is our MISSION  to provide students and best Secondary  Level  Education . The school offers a stimulating environment to study and to achieve without the modern pressure generated in day to day life .

We motivate and educate students not just for successfully attempting competition to join best collages of the country but also prepare them in all aspects , culture and sports and inculcating the values and joy of sharing ,cooperating and camaraderie.

The school aim's to enable the students to achieve their full potential  academically , mentally, physically and spiritually.

We work on enlarging horizon and broaden the outlook of students through co-operation  , consideration, team spirit and community service.

Last but not least the school  believes  in strong Global relationship as is reflected in its activities and emphasis on morality.




► Provide a thought provoking, rigorous curriculum to ALL students.
► Put student's needs at the forefront of all that we do.
► Give each student what they need in order to be successful. 
► Prepare our students to think critically.



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